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American Airlines Security Breach

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Data Loss Source: Personal information including Social Security numbers of pilots and other employees at American Airlines, including the chief executive, was exposed on a company Web site.
Date of Loss: June 20, 2007
Size of Loss: 300+
Affected Individuals: American Airlines employees
Geographic Focus: Fort Worth, TX
Data contained: Social Security numbers and other personal information.
Additional Notes:: Outgoing Allied Pilots Association president Ralph Hunter says he called a company vice president to report the breach — and recited the VP’s Social Security number to him. American has disabled the site’s search function.
Additional Information: Team 4 News

Texas A&M University Professor Loses Student Data

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Data Loss Source: A professor vacationing off the coast of Africa took data with him on a small computer, which was lost or stolen.
Date of Loss: June 19, 2007
Size of Loss: 8,000
Affected Individuals: Texas A&M University students (2006)
Geographic Focus: College Station, TX
Data contained: Social Security numbers and dates of birth for students enrolled in the spring, summer and fall semesters of 2006.
Additional Notes:: University officials say math department chairman Blair Sterba-Boatright had the data stored in his computer hard drive for a statistical analysis of student performance. When he had problems with the hard drive, he backed the information up a flash drive.
Additional Information: CBS News

Computer Security Breach at Georgia Tech

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Data Loss Source: An electronic file containing the personal information of about 23,000 current and former Georgia Tech students was exposed briefly, according to university officials.
Date of Loss: June 14, 2007
Size of Loss: 23,000
Affected Individuals: Current and former Georgia Tech students
Geographic Focus: Atlanta, GA
Data contained: The information was mostly demographic data and included no Social Security numbers or credit card numbers, but it did include birthdays.
Additional Notes:: Georgia Tech is unaware of any misuse of the demographic information from the computer account, and the breach has been isolated. Immediate steps have been taken to isolate the impacted electronic file, and additional technical and administrative safeguards are under way.
Additional Information: WSBTV

Lynchburg City Data Breach

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Data Loss Source: Personal information of Lynchburg city employees and retirees was accidentally posted on the city’s website among that information employee’s prescription medications. It was intended for vendors, but according to the city, employees did not realize it had sensitive material.
Date of Loss: June 14, 2007
Size of Loss: 1,200
Affected Individuals: Lynchburg City employees and retirees
Geographic Focus: Lynchburg, VA
Data contained: Prescription drug and personal information
Additional Notes:: The City’s Human Resources Director, Margaret Schmitt, tells Ten on Your Side the document was posted for more than a week before a city employee caught the mistake. It was immediately taken down. The City of Lynchburg has set up a hotline. That number is (434) 455-3964. You can also email any questions to this address:
Additional Information: City of Lynchburg